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GLOBAL ADKACH is a global company of smartphone business, it is an advertising medium between companies and the public through the development of web applications software and smartphone applications.

GLOBAL ADCASH is a subsidiary of the parent company GLOBAL GOLDEN AXE, which is specialized in e-commerce e-marketing and digital projects.

The Operating principle of GLOBAL ADKACH is to integrate the advertising sector with the work of smartphone applications within the framework of the profit sharing system.


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    ADCOIN Smartphone Application
    ADCOIN is a Smartphone APP from GLOBAL ADKACH It displays advertisements in the form of images or short videos on the user's smartphone screen whenever he presses the "ad" button in the application. The application is downloaded for free (trial version) from the company's website, "Google Play" or “App Store” and the ADCOIN account is activated for a small investment value that does not exceed 25 €. The ADCOIN smartphone application is linked to the web application ADKACH.
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    ADKACH web application
    ADKACH is a WEB application from GLOBAL ADKACH available on the company's website www.adkach.com that is activated for a small investment of no more than 175 €/ annually. This application automatically organizes the profit-sharing process with subscribers within a global system (global forced matrix).

From Global Adkach

GLOBAL ADKACH It is based on a simple idea, but it is considered a revolution in the smartphone business.

Where every person who owns a smartphone can rent his phone screen to the company and turn it into an advertising platform, by subscribing to our applications and watching ads through them, in return the company shares 85% of its revenues with all users.

Sharing revenue with users means better “user experience” and more loyalty from users, thus more use of our apps and more ad view, which means more ads, more revenue and more revenue sharing with users.

It is a simple and smart idea for a permanent cycle of profit without effort, without experience and at the lowest investment cost.

NEW EQUATION in business

The smart phone screen rental service from GLOBAL ADKACH is a new offer for users and advertisers, within the framework of the sharing economy.

Our company considered as a new and pioneering model for rent investments within the sharing economy through smartphone applications: Resource Sharing – Profit Sharing.

The notion of participation that characterizes this economy and that our company adopts, changed the roles in the economic equation with regard to the relationship between companies and customers, as the customer became a service provider and not only a beneficiary of it.


GLOBAL ADKACH introduces a smart idea to the market, and introduces the ADCOIN APP and ADKACH WEB, which are the technical support that allows to take advantage of this idea.
GLOBAL ADKACH is an advertising medium that provides a service for advertisers, which is to deliver their ads to the target audience in a fast, easy and most effective way.

The user of the ADCOIN APP and ADKACH WEB applications provides a service to GLOBAL ADKACH by subscribing to its applications, The more users of the applications, the greater their value in the market؛ The user also provides the service of viewing ads via ADCOIN APP, which helps to attract more ads.

GLOBAL ADKACH appreciates the important and effective role of users in building its business and shares with them 85% of its profits in exchange for their services.

In fact, this model may not be completely new, as there are companies that work implicitly according to this model, but GLOBAL ADKACH is the first company to recognize and adopt it as a basic economic model for its business and is working to develop and theorize it.

Our vision

GLOBAL ADKACH the first online advertising medium for the next 5 years, which provides passive income for all layers of society and helps the largest number of smartphone users across the world to achieve financial security.

Our Objectives

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    Contribute to the transition of the advertising market from centralization to decentralization and ending the monopoly of advertising profits by companies and making it the right of the largest possible number of people across the world, with the simplest resources and the least investment.
  • 02

    Spreading the culture of sustainable investment in the available resources within the field of free and smart business via the Internet.


and commitments

  • 01. Sharing is a win for all
    The principle of sharing among us is the gain and the basis of profit.. We are committed to our users to share innovative ideas and mechanisms.. Sharing available resources.. Sharing information and time.. Sharing profits.
  • 02. Define a new culture
    Culture is always changing and renewable, and that's why new ideas, can always redraw borders to find a place for themselves.
  • 03. Individuals are the real wealth
    We consider every user with us as a "business partner" and he is the real capital of the company.. We are committed to our partners to respect and appreciate their role in building our business.. and provide opportunities that meet their aspirations in the world of business and finance.
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